Sukkot + Study Group Sat Oct 3rd

An invitation from Devorah:

We will be gathering in the Sukkah (weather permitting) next Shabbat morning for our monthly PV study group.
We still dwell in this holy time of year, in the power of continuinuous celebrations: Sukkot's power is the season of our joy. It feels intuitively appropriate to re-member our harvest tradition, placing ourselves literally out in the field, a hut in the midst of nature, while reaping the fruits of our labors and our inward Rosh Hashanah searching. We are not ready to look at life in the hum drum way...having dressed it in the beauty of sweet forgiveness and hope. 

Let's dwell there a bit longer...in the sukah. Sukkot has been ushered in, for the second year, with a super blood moon Eclipse, covering the moon like a Challah cover on Shabbat. 

Sukkot is an extra special time for Passover Village consciousness. It's akin to our frequent focus on uncovering our indigenous roots. We need not dig much, it's right there.....

Our kavanah (intentional spiritual focus of study) this year is viewing nature through the lens of the psalms. We add to it the joyous Sukkot lens. Surprising gifts await us!

Join us, bringing the rich insights of your minds, hearts and life experiences. 

Bring also a pot luck contribution to feast upon after study.  What fun!

  9:30 - 10:00 a.m: Decorate sukkah 
10:00 - 12 noon: personal check-in, Study Psalms, lulav/ etrog
12:30 to at least 1:30: Feast!

16063 Chase Street. North Hills 91343.  (Parallel to Roscoe off 405; east of Woodley)

Look for the abundant bouganvillea at the white gate. Plenty of parking. Walk up the long shaded driveway, come to the back yard or side door.

RSVP to Devorah  <miriaam@mindspring.com>  626-422-8303

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