I see us as explorers

I see us as explorers 
coming together
dwelling as villagers
in communion 
with nature 
with spirit

in stillness, 
in song
in drum beats and dance
in shofar blasts
in whispers of the heart

reaching hands
raising arms
blessings source
pulling tight
and learning when to release.
  -- Rina


Kabbalah and Ecology

Lauren D. has recommended Kabbalah and Ecology: God's Image in the More-Than-Human World by Rabbi David Seidenberg. the founder of neohasid.org. She says the book will support our study this year of the animal world as well as our overall interest in earth-centered Judaism.

Critics have written:

"This is a careful but exhilarating examination of ...our fraught relationship with the more-than-human world."

"...makes a persuasive case for a reverent embrace of all creation as the divine image..."

"...moves the dialogue of Judaism and Ecology forward in remarkably
fruitful ways."

It can be pre-ordered from Cambridge University Press (use discount code KEDMS14 for 20% off).