Passover 2012 - Important - Read All

Dear 2012 Passover Villagers,
If you are receiving this via email space has been reserved for you and your party at this year’s Passover Village retreat. We are now full with a wait-list so, if you haven’t sent in your contribution, be sure to do so (or make other arrangements) by April 1st. We cannot guarantee your space otherwise.

Maps & Directions are being sent to attendees only for privacy.

Following are very important items. PLEASE READ ALL BELOW:

* YOU ARE INVITED to bring Offerings of Ornamentations

· * help transporting any gear to site and back (mileage reimbursed if needed)
· * Seder plate organizer (reimbursed, contact Marc)
· * wine coordinator (reimbursed, contact Larry)
· * parking coordinator
Parking at the campsite is limited. We strongly encourage carpooling; let us know if you can offer or need a ride.
After unloading your gear, you may be asked to move your vehicle to an off-site location. We will have to work together to get you back to camp, and then to pick up your vehicle at the end of the weekend. We may have to pack up on Sunday in shifts.
YOU ARE INVITED THIS YEAR, with no obligation,
to bring Offerings of Ornamentations of beauty and symbolism
Every year we decorate the tent/Mishkon to imbue it with specialness and invoke Holiness therein. We again intend to do just that, with a special emphasis on this process, because our study focus this year is Community Building. We are drawing on a powerful example of community working together from:
Exodus 25:5-8 “And this is the offering which you shall take of them: gold, and silver, and brass, and blue and purple and scarlet and fine linen and goats’ hair; and rams skins dyed red and sealskins and acacia-wood: oil for the light, spices for the anointing oil and for the sweet incense, onyx stones, and stones to be set, for the ephod and for the breast plate. And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.”
And if you are not inspired no blame, no shame. We all have various talents and inclinations to offer, if it be only good attention and participation! These can be a loaner of something precious just for the weekend, or a gift given to Passover Village to use year after year. Because, it says:
Exodus 35:22-29 “The men and women, the leaders, all of willing heart brought for the work that HaShem had commanded through Moses...”
Exodus 35:5 “…everyone whose heart motivates him shall bring it…”
Exodus 35:10 “…every wise-hearted person among you shall come…”
From this year’s Kavanah at http://tinyurl.com/7emvuld:
“This was not conscripted labor, this was not a command but an instruction. Only those whose heart was moved by wisdom, chochma, would come….. the heart contains all the wisdom of Torah (or vice versa?). These are the people that would come to build the Tabernacle.”
The Torah also implies a limitation, and so we will, of necessity, have to sort out what to use and how. If so inspired, bring what works for you, knowing we may not be able to use it all.
Exodus 36 “the people are bringing more than enough . . .”
Consider, as you envision bringing your offerings:
Floor space: We want to keep the Mishkon space uncluttered so that we may dance and move around unhindered, so: items that take up floor space are not a good idea unless they can be used outside, perhaps adorning one of the Meditation Walk stations.
Good ideas: Things that are small or can be hung
Things that can be easily packed and carried
Things that can be placed on an altar and/or exposed to the elements.
(don’t bring priceless or irreplaceable items you are not preprared to lose!)
SOME SUGGESTIONS: Don’t take these too literally: Be Inspired !!
Fabrics and ropes of all colors and especially blue, purple, scarlet, green
Stones: jasper, amethyst, onyx, emerald, diamond, turquoise, sapphire, ruby topaz , agate
Sacred Metals: gold, silver, copper, brass,
Scented oils and incenses, animal skins, tapestries
Symbols: angels, eagles, Ox/water buffalo, Lion, serpent, olive tree, antelope/deer, ram- Egypt, Sun, Moon, Ship, Military items, Wolf, humans, mandrakes.
Candlesticks, bottles, vases, bowls, trays, Chalice/Cups, ???, ???, ???

Be sure to read these agreements so that we all understand what to expect from each other:
We agree to respect and care for ourselves, each other, the community and the land. To safeguard the freedom and sanctity of time and space in the Passover Village, the Leadership Council has endeavored to balance the needs of individuals with those of the community. To that end, the following updates are effective with Passover Village 2012. By registering for this retreat, attendees also agree to the following:
Photography and Recordings:
· * When we are gathered In Community with a common focus or, "In Session," put away cameras and recording devices.
· * When we are not gathered as a focused community – for example, having lunch, talking with others, etc., – photos and recording are allowed within bounds of respect, privacy and permission: Be discrete, non-intrusive, and respectful of all participants when taking any photographs or recording; some may prefer not to be photographed or recorded at all.
· * Do not publish photos or recordings in public media
* If unsure about a photo or recording, do not take or publish it.
Personal Displays and Self Promotion:
In the spirit of a retreat, so that we might leave behind the things of the day to day world, please do not bring personal displays or promotional items into community areas.
SCHEDULE Arrive anytime after Wed Noon or Thu but by no later than Fri 7 am to set up camp & join opening circle Fri at 9 am
Arrival by dinner, informal campfire gathering
9:00 10:30 Tent raising

10:30 12:00 Council: Connecting Community

12:00 1:00 Lunch

1:00 3:00 “Mishkan-ing”: Tent decoration and other set-up
Tent decoration: inside, courtyard
Baking matzah
Preparing Maror and Haroset
3:00 5:00 Free time - encourage visit to Meditation Walk
5:00 6:30 Community Shabbat Dinner

7:00 9:00 Council: Kadesh & Kabbalat Shabbat
7:00 9:00 Breakfast

9:00 10:30 Council: Urhatz -Karpas -Yahatz
(Washing – Green Plants – Split Matzah)
10:30 11:30 Maggid

11:30 1:00 Lunch

1:00 2:00 Maggid (con’t)

2:00 5:00 Break

5:00 5:30 Tent Entry
5:30 6:30 Rachtzah, Motzi-Matzah, Maror, Korech
(Second washing, motzi-matzah, bitter herb, Hillel’s sandwich)
6:30 8:00 Shulchan Orech (Meal)
8:00 9:30 Tzafun (Afikomen)
Barech (Blessings after meal; Elijah’s Cup)
Hallel (Songs of Praise) 

7:00 9:00 Breakfast and personal pack-up
9:00 11:00 Nirtzah: Closing Circle

11:00 12:00 Take down community tent
12:00 Departure: N’siyah Tovah!
Individual Needs:
Recommended items for each person (adults and children)
• Water and bottle (suggest 1 gallon per person per day for drinking and cooking, plus more
for washing; nearest tap water is 1 mile from site en route to camp)
• Tent (rainfly and groundcloth if required)
• Sleeping bag and pad
• Flashlight and extra batteries
• Clothes layered for warm/cold, wet/dry/windy conditions (gloves, hat, thermals, etc.)
• Hiking boots or sturdy shoes
• Hat with wide brim for shade/protection from sun
• Umbrella or poncho for (rain or shade)
• Pocket knife
• Personal “medicine” (necessary prescriptions plus any spirit needs)
Personal hygiene items (incl. biodegradable soap or Campsuds!)
• Sunscreen!
• Large towel(s)
• Firewood (minimum 1 bundle per person)
• Camp chair, carpet, or pillows to sit on. Space around the perimeter of our tent is limited; try to avoid wide chairs or that have flaring arms or legs. We encourage you to bring rugs or pillows so you can sit close to the earth and recline.
Per Family or Household – for individual/family meals and prep
• Cooler and ice
• Camp stove and fuel
• Pots, pans and cooking utensils
• Dinnerware: Plate, Bowl, Cup, Utensils (reusable please, no paper)
• Cloth napkin
• Food and Drink: Friday Shabbat dinner and Saturday Night Seder dinner are catered. Bring all other food and drink for yourself and household. Sharing is encouraged.
• Please leave bread and bread products (“Chametz”) at home. Bring matzo instead!
Optional and Encouraged
• Sunshower (water heated by sun)
• Drums, shofarot, and other musical instruments
• Brightly colored cloth, etc. to decorate camp and tent
• Your own Haggadah, Teachings about Pesach, Shabbat, and Nature
• Candles or lantern. (Flames should be in glass or metal container to resist tipping or contact with combustibles.)
• Songs, stories, poems
We have a special request of all who will be attending this year who are of willing heart: bring an offering that will be used to decorate our Mishkan tent, the dwelling place for Spirit that we create each year together. See more above or in Kavanah.
• There are some restrictions on use of these campsites including vehicle length. If you are planning to arrive in a long RV, bus or truck, contact National Park Service for limits and any restrictions.
• Car pooling is strongly encouraged, parking in camp is limited.
• Make arrangements for family pets to be cared for at home (not in camp)
The following portions of our seder ritual are still available for anyone who would like to lead them. If you haven’t ever done this, it is a great opportunity to explore more deeply the meaning of the particular ritual, and teach your community through your leadership. If you would like to lead or co-lead any portion, please contact Marc at weigensb@usc.edu to get more info.
Seder Portions still available to lead
1. Maggid
 (1.5-2 hrs total time): choose to lead all of Maggid, or any individual portion listed below.
a. Avadim Hayinu – Sandra/musical people?
b. The 4 Questions
c. The 4 Children
d. The 10 Plagues – Rob
e. Dayenu – Sandra/musical people?
f. B’chol Dor V’dor (in each generation)
g. Second cup of wine
h. 3 Symbols
i. Other parts of Maggid from traditional seder, if you feel a connection to them and want to add them
2 Motzi-Matzah (10-15 min) (includes making matzah in afternoon)
3. Tzafun (10-15 min) – afikomen/hiddenness
4. Barech (10-15 min) - Blessings after meal - ? Sandra/musical people?
Other needs for our ritual events:
1. Wine Keeper. We need someone to bring wine for the seder, usually ~10 bottles and ~2 bottles of grape juice for kids/non-wine drinkers. Also plastic cups (though we encourage everyone to use real cups). As the Wine Keeper, you will also help organize getting the bottles opened and pouring the wine at each of the 4 cups during the seder ritual.
2. Someone to be in charge of organizing the seder plate. For this you need to either bring and prepare, or coordinate the bringing and preparation of the following:
a. Charoset. Need someone to volunteer to make and bring the charoset for the seder
b. Lamb shanks – anywhere from 1-4
c. Matzah – ~8 boxes for the seder ritual
d. Hard boiled eggs
e. Bowls of salt water
f. Other seder plate staples: orange, romaine or green onions, parsley, horseradish root
Which portion would you like to lead? How else can you contribute to the Passover Village?
Any questions, updates, etc., call or write ASAP.
As always, for complete information and to SUBSCRIBE to the blog, please visit http://passovervillage.blogspot.com/

Looking forward to being together!
c 310-396-0706


Carpool and Parking - Update

Parking at the campsite is limited. We encourage carpooling; let us know if you can offer or need a ride. 

After unloading your gear, you may be asked to move your vehicle to an off-site location. We will have to work together to get you back to camp, and then to pick up your vehicle at the end of the weekend. We may have to pack up on Sunday in shifts.

2013 - Save the Dates

Planning is already ongoing for our 2013 encampment, tentatively scheduled from Friday 2013-March-19 to Sunday 2013-March-31.