A Tabernacle in the Desert

Like our foreparents, a tent, a holy sanctuary, serves as the center of our community during Passover Village retreats.
For many years, this has been our campsite. Just out of range to one side of the tabernacle is our community kitchen. Individual campsites are to the other side, with plenty of room to spread out for personal meditations and recreation.
Occasionally we have pitched camp in other locations as well. This reminds us that during the 40 years after leaving Egypt, the tribes moved several times as we followed the pillar of smoke described in Torah.
Living close to the earth, we become aware that even the desert is full of life. The rocks, the sky, and the wind all whisper the name of God. To help us orient in space, we mark the cardinal directions with flags of the tribes of Israel as described in Leviticus.
Passover begins on a full moon. Watching the sky helps us orient in time and to experience the seasons.
By mutual agreement among villagers, we have chosen to not publish photos of participants. Like many other council circles and spiritual groups, we feel that our privacy allows us to be more fully present.

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