Dear Passover Villagers,

IF YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO PLANNING:  Join us this Saturday, April 2nd from 10 to Noon.  
Call or write for exact location and directions.

Registration for Passover Village 2016 is now OPEN!



Dear Passover Villagers,

Registration for Passover Village 2016 is now OPEN!

This year we will be returning to the Angeles National Forest (specific location with registration), a pleasant drive about 90 minutes from Los Angeles and less than an hour via a two-lane paved highway (HWY 2) from the La Canada-Flintridge area.  The group camp at 5000' elevation is similar in amenities our site in Joshua Tree (which was at 3000' elevation) but in the forest vs. the desert.  Any passenger car can easily make the trip as the elevation gain is very gradual and the road is in very good condition (and if your car has made it up the steep grades from Palm Springs to Yucca Valley, it will be just fine here). Bonus features include running water available right in the kitchen area and a large communal fire circle.  And, there's a great spot for our community mishkan (tent).  

April 28 – May 1, 2016

Come Early:
Camp is available to us as early as 3:00 pm Wednesday, April 27th.  Otherwise, plan to arrive by 8:00 am Friday at the latest to set-up your personal camp and join the opening circle at 9:00 am.

The Elements in Psalms
Passover Village 2016 Kavannah: “The Elements in the Psalms”

Ruach (Wind/Spirit/Air) - Mayim (Water) - Aish (Fire)

These are the first 3 sefirot of the Tree of Life described in the ancient mystical Hebrew text, Sefer Yetzirah, written in an age well before the understandings of Keter, Hochman, Binah we now carry.  We were once a tribal, earth-based people living with an intimate understanding of our connection to Earth, the primal Elementals, and Spirit that we would likely not recognize today. 

Still, to this day our ancient ways of connection with the elements and nature are accessible to us, permeating all of Jewish scripture, including the Book of Psalms.

Members of Passover Village have been digging into Psalms during the past year to learn what it says about nature, what we can learn of our relation to Air, Water, Fire, Earth, nature and of their relation to us.

To the Psalmist, every aspect of nature is a path to holiness. Psalm 104, for example can open doorways when it speaks about:

light, sky, water, cloud, wind, fire, earth, ocean,
mountain, thunder, valley, spring, beast, fowl, tree,
fruit, grass, cattle, herb, nest, goat, rock, moon,
sun, season, night, sea creature, smoke, breath, dust.

On Passover we retell the story of the exodus of our Hebrew ancestors from Egypt, Mitzrayim, the “narrow place”.  Egypt was the Big City of its era. Our lives there were regulated by big government and the predictable flow of a big river. Leaving its relative comfort and security to enter the wilderness, we were forced to become more attuned to nature. Perhaps that is why the Passover Seder is replete with stories and symbols of nature such as greens, herbs, wine, water, fire, darkness, animals, blood and plagues.

Join us for this year's Passover Village seder, which will be informed by what the psalms say about nature and about our connection to the most basic of life forces.  Perhaps in our current age of uncertainty, reconnecting to the basic elements of our existence will offer a path to new, and old, understandings that will help guide us through the wildernesses we now face.

P.S. Take a look at the Passover Village Blogspot to view notes on this year’s rich study of the elements and nature in Psalms  http://passovervillage.blogspot.com/

The Leadership Council is considering videotaping portions of this year's gathering, including community activities and some of the ritual time.  

While the purposes of the project is evolving, our goal is to share what we do with others who might want to create their own community exploration of their heritage, culture or faith. 

This will be an experiment in sharing the wisdom and magic of our community and spiritual retreats.
We are taking steps to assure that the filming is as unobtrusive as practical and with assurances that personal and private shares and activities are kept confidential. The Leadership Council will retain editorial and distribution authority so that nothing personal is disclosed without approval and nothing is presented insensitively or inappropriately. This includes the possibility that none of the footage will be distributed.

In the past the presence of a camera, particularly during community or ritual sessions, has been consciously limited or restricted to prevent intrusion and distraction.  In actively inviting a videographer to document representative proceedings we risk spontaneity, self-consciousness, and more. 

Yet with awareness and planning we hope to minimize any intrusion or distraction and safeguard privacy while gathering the sights, sounds, and words of our community and sacred space.
While it will be a challenge, we hope it will result in an even more inspiring Passover Village experience. 

If we do decide to proceed, registration for this event will include a Release for Videotaping. 

REGISTRATION INFORMATION (you may also use the form below): 
Send the following (required):
1.  payment (requested contribution is $90/adult or child 13-and-over; children 12-and-under free!)
2.  The name, phone number, and email address of each adult being registered
3.  The name and ages of any children aged 17-and-under, and the name of the adult registrant who will be responsible for each child.
4.  The number and description of vehicles.
5.  The date and time you plan to arrive.
6.  Make checks payable to LARRY RICHARD
7.  Mail to:

Larry Richard
2118 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 594
Santa Monica, CA 90403

(Larry's cell:  310-560-6004)

* Must be received by April 1, 2016 to confirm your space.
* Includes all camping fees and catered Seder meal.
* Genuine financial hardship should not keep you from attending.  Please let us know how you can contribute.
* Volunteers needed:  help loading gear on Wed April 27th, unloading gear on Sun May 1st


By registering for this retreat, attendees also agree to the following:

Photography and Recordings:

-- When we are gathered In Community with a common focus, or "In Session," put away cameras and recording devices.
-- When we are not gathered as a focused community, having lunch, talking with others, etc., photos and recording are allowed within bounds of respect, privacy and permission: Be discrete, non-intrusive, and respectful of all participants when taking any photographs or recording; some may prefer not to be photographed or recorded at all.
-- Do not publish photos or recordings in public media
-- If unsure about a photo or recording, do not take or publish it.
Personal Displays and Self Promotion: 
In the spirit of a retreat, so that we might leave behind the things of the day to day world, please do not bring personal displays or promotional items into community areas.
Thank you!

This is encouraged and a great way to start the Village before you arrive.  Let us know if you need or can offer a ride. 

If you find you will be traveling alone, please consider offering to partner with another Passover Villager to share driving, camp set-up and meals.  If you are strong, please share.  If you are not so strong, please ask for help.  

ACCESSIBILITY: The campground is accessible via road. The outhouses meet ADA requirements for accessibility. Most of the campsite is sandy or loose soil, making wheelchair mobility difficult. But as during our exodus from Egypt, when the infirm and disabled were carried, we will accommodate special needs.


Parking is limited in the group site parking lot.  
Overflow parking is available nearby within the campground.

* As mentioned above, our group site has running water in the kitchen area, though this is not guaranteed (check with campground via link below for last minute campsite updates). 
* Multiple picnic tables and a community barbecue pit  
* Pit toilet in weather-protected brick building
There are sites for individual tents scattered throughout the group site.
* This is a family-friendly site, however it is in the National Forest and precautions are advised for the occasional bear (not as likely during our busy season, but possible).
* As mentioned above, this site is NOT a very short drive from stores, motels or B&B accommodations.  While these are available in La Canada/Flintridge note that each trip to or from the Village site will require a 45-minute drive each way and is not recommended.
* Exact location and directions will be provided after registration.  Please don't plan to "just drop by."
* Visit http://www.fs.usda.gov/angeles for complete National Forest Service details

We hope there is enough information provided here but if you have any questions, call or write at your earliest opportunity!

See you soon,

C 310-396-0706