What to Bring


Individual Needs – Recommended items for each person (adults and children)
  • Water and bottle (suggest 1 gallon per person per day for drinking and cooking, plus more for washing; tap water is available on site)
  • Basin for washing
  • Tent (rainfly and groundcloth if required)
  • Sleeping bag and pad
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Clothes layered for warm/cold, wet/dry/windy conditions (incl. gloves, hat, thermals, etc.)
  • Hiking boots or sturdy shoes
  • Hat with wide brim for shade/protection from sun
  • Umbrella or poncho for (rain or shade)
  • Pocket knife
  • Personal “medicine” (necessary prescriptions plus any spirit needs)
  • Personal hygiene items (incl. biodegradable soap - “Campsuds” does it all!)
  • Sunscreen!
  • Large towel(s)
  • Firewood (1 bundle per person)  Michael is bringing enough wood for all - Thank you, Michael!
  • Camp chair, carpet, or pillows to sit on. Space around the perimeter of our tent is limited; avoid wide chairs or that have flaring arms or legs. We encourage you to bring carpets or pillows so you can sit close to the earth and recline.
Per Family or Household – for (individual/family meals and prep)
  • Cooler and ice
  • Camp stove and fuel
  • Pots, pans and cooking utensils
  • Dinnerware: Plate, Bowl, Cup, Silverware (all reusable please – no paper)
  • Cloth napkin
  • Food and Drink:  Saturday Night Seder dinner is catered. Bring all other food and drink for yourself and household. Sharing is encouraged.
  • Please leave bread and bread products (“Chametz”) at home. Bring matzo instead!
Optional and Encouraged
  • Sunshower (water heated by sun)
  • Drums, shofarot, and other musical instruments
  • Brightly colored cloth, etc. to decorate camp and tent
  • Your own Haggadah, Teachings about Pesach, Shabbat, and Nature
  • Lantern (battery or canister-style preferred.  Flames should be in glass or metal container to resist tipping or contact with combustibles.)  Fire safety is a top priority.
  • Songs, stories, poems
  • There are some restrictions on use of these campsites including vehicle length. If you are planning to arrive in a long RV, bus or truck, contact National Forest Service for limits: http://www.fs.usda.gov/angeles
  • Car pooling is encouraged.
  • Make arrangements for family pets to be cared for at home (not in camp)
List updated 2014-February-05 by Dan B.

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  1. Devorah 'miriaam' Cohen4/4/12 08:17

    ***REMINDER***Offerings for Ornamenting the Mishkon area:
    LIST OF SUGGESTIONS: Don’t take these too literally: Be Inspired !!
    Fabrics and ropes of all colors and especially blue, purple, scarlet, green
    Stones: jasper, amethyst, onyx, emerald, diamond, turquoise, sapphire, ruby topaz , agate
    Sacred Metals gold, silver, copper, brass,
    Scented oils and incenses, animal skins, tapestries
    symbols: angels, eagles, Ox/water buffalo, Lion, serpent, olive tree, antelope/deer, ram- Egypt, Sun, Moon, Ship, Military items, Wolf, humans, mandrakes.
    Candlesticks, bottles, vases, bowls, trays, Chalice/Cups

    We want to keep the Mishkon space uncluttered so that we may dance and move around unhindered. So items that take up floor space are not a good idea unless they can be kept outside,in one of the ‘Directions’.
    Good Ideas: Things that can be hung,Things that are small,can be easily packed and carried,can be placed on an altar.
    SEE YOU SOON!, Devorah Questions?:626/422-8303