Reflections from 2012 Seder

Ruach Elohim, the spirit/wind of God, was very present on Friday night, shaking our tents and making us aware of the power of nature. It felt good to be alive when the morning came -- as if we had all been bathed in a mikvah of holy air.

If the outing had ended right then, dayenu - it would have been enough.

The storm, however, brought the village together and helped us to renew our connection to the seasons, our Hebrew tribal origins, and the annual rebirth of freedom.

New decorations brightened the inside of our Miskon - tent. Our matzah was cooked over the open fire from organic kamut grains that we ground ourselves. Music bounced off the rock walls embracing the community as we went so high with our prayers and so deep into the teachings of Pesach.

Good friends. Good food. Good God. 


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